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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving week

Work has really been getting to me lately. I don't have a problem with working a lot; in fact, I prefer it, because then I have an excuse to be lazy when I get home. I just have a problem with the way things have been going. The people I work with are getting on my nerves lately. Yesterday I ended up crying at work because my brother would not stop making fun of me. I realize he's just my brother, and it's his job to be a total ass, but it still bugs me that he wouldn't stop harassing me. Just picking on me doesn't bug me, but when he tells me how much I suck at something that I'm already insecure about, I can't help but feel shitty.

This week is going to be really busy. It's Thanksgiving, so that's one thing, but another thing is of course an abundance of work. Starting on Wednesday, I don't get a day off until next Tuesday. I may even be working on Thanksgiving. While this will make my next pay check amazingly large, it's still going to suck working so much. Work takes so much energy, I don't have time to do anything. I haven't finished a book in over a month, and I haven't read a book for entertainment in almost two.

I miss the simplicity of always having free time. I miss coming home and doing nothing, constantly. I could read, watch TV, and hang out whenever I wanted. Now, either I'm working at the school, McDonald's, or both. And when I'm not, I'm too tired or I have too much homework to do anything. I need to take a vacation.

Anyways, that's my little rant and rave for the night.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

a successful day

I don't ever blog anymore. It depresses me a little, but at the same time I realize that I'm a busy person, and blogging isn't a huge priority.

However, I feel like today is important.

I went shopping with Justinne today. We went to Tanger Outlet, but only stopped in one store: Maurices. If you know Justinne at all, you know that she absolutely adores that store. Before going shopping with her all the time, I really could care less about it. But slowly she and I started to share our love for 50% off sales racks and amazing clothes. And the shoes?! Jewelry?! Ah, it's to die for.

Either way, she bought a shit load of clothes. And I bought three shirts. Which are so cute-comfy that I love them to death. Usually you get one or the other: cute or comfy. I hate making that sacrifice, because most of the time I choose comfy and look like really stupid all the time. But I don't really care if I'm comfy. Still, it's nice to look cute sometimes.

Anyways, I bought those shirts and a necklace/earring set. And we stopped at Wal Mart and I bought some comfy shoes, because I'm sick of wearing my nasty old tennis shoes all the time. They look like crap with most of my jeans, so now I'll actually have a pair of shoes worth wearing. At least until it starts snowing. I also bought socks. Which is cool.

After that, we went back to her house and watched Juno. I love Juno, it's one of my favorite movies. And it sort of got me thinking.

In the movie, Vanessa says she was born to be a mother. She is basically obsessed with having a baby. In a way, I feel the same way. For a little over a year I just keep thinking about what it would like to be pregnant and become a mommy. Now, don't get me wrong, I realize it would completely screw up my life. Because of the fact that I would never ever get an abortion, and it would hurt me too much to give my baby up for adoption, I would have to keep it. This would mean no college, and I'd be working constantly just to take care of it. My life would be over.

Still... I think it would be the most amazing experience. Being pregnant would be amazing. Having a child, one who could become all the best parts of me... it would be beautiful. I would make an amazing mom. I know I would do anything for my child. Already, even though I have no child and don't plan on having one until after I turn 23 (because that's what I promised my daddy) I love my child more than myself.

In a way, the things I do now are for my future child(ren). To be honest, I could care less about myself. The only thing I want in my future is the chance to give life and raise someone to be good and decent-- everything I'm not. When I look into my future, the main thing I see isn't a successful career or a happy marriage. I see myself as a mommy. No matter what my life is like, I know that will be the one thing that will for sure happen for me.

Wow, it's pretty pathetic for a 17-year-old with so much potential to be talking like that. But it is so true.

<3 Chelsie

Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's on it's way, so I have decided to compile a list of things I want to do this year.

1. Go to the beach.

2. Read outside all the time.

3. Buy as many flip flops as Hope.

4. Get the internet back so I can blog all the time again.

5. Get my senior pictures taken... and actually look good.

6. Take a road trip with my awesome friend Justinne.

7. Have a movie marathon at least once.

That's all I can think of just now, but that is actually enough to keep me busy all summer :)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Horoscope

Monday, Oct 13th, 2008 -- The deliciousness of your feelings can be intoxicating, whether or not you are in a new relationship. You could fall in love all over again with someone familiar or discover an attraction to a total stranger. Either way your excitement is contagious as long as you don't let fear get in the way of love. --No wonder I was begging yesterday. I was intoxicated. And in love.-- =P

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

book passages

So I just finished the book Nailed by Jennifer Laurens, and there are a couple parts that I really really liked. So I'm going to share them to anyone who happens to read this. But mostly this is just for myself, to remember these things for later. =D P. 40

"For the first time, she realized how heady it would be to have that kind of power over a guy, especially a guy sworn to resist."
P. 68
"'Any of the guys start out one way and morph into something else?'

There was a bite in his tone. Old anger. 'No. Not really."

'Then you were smarter than me.' His hands slipped to his sides, a look of hurt and defeat passed over his face. Mandy had the urge to reach out and touch his cheek and tell him everything was going to be alright.

'Girls can be two-faced.' She was mad at whoever had hurt him. 'Manipulating witches,' she went on, voice rising. 'We're not all that way. I hope you- ' She stopped herself. What she wanted was for him to heal and give women another chance. Give her a chance. But those thoughts remained safely tucked away. The look in his eyes was guarded, as if they stood on opposite sides of a raging river and she held the only rope. She wondered if she threw it to him, would he catch it and hold on or let it fall into the river.

He let out a breath. 'That's why I'm taking a break from women.'

Mandy swallowed a thick knot. He sounded so resigned. Rather than try to talk him out of it, she nodded. 'Good thinking.'

She looked around for a trash box because she needed to throw away the empty water bottle, but also because she didn't want him to see disappointment on her face. It was obvious he was set on this course of abstinence."
P. 71
"'You women can get us to do anything you want, you know that don't you?'"
P. 77
"There was something skanky about setting out to bring somebody down for your own pleasure. She had to resign herself to the fact that the timing was off."
P. 188
Boston slammed from the door and in two long strides was against her. His hands, warm and firm, cupped her cheeks and the next thing she knew, his damp lips were on hers. Fire shot from her head to her shaking knees.

Just as fast as he'd grabbed her, he released her, and stood back, dark eyes locked with hers, a fast pant in his chest.

Mandy's mind was blank. Her heart pounded against her ribs, in her ears, pulsing flames to her cheeks. A few feet away, Boston's erratic breath started to slow. he took another step backward, his gaze still fastened to hers.

Mandy's blood thudded with uncertainty. Boston shot one last hard look at her before starting toward the stairs. Taking in a deep breath, Mandy waited until he had vanished before she pressed her fingers to her lips and closed her eyes."
So I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic scenes, but these parts just stuck with me. And I know they probably mean nothing to anyone else, but to me they just fit. Does anyone else get that way with certain passages from a book?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

football camp

Ah, the beauty of having my brother gone away at football camp.

Neil says that at football camp, any weight he loses he has to gain back by eating or drinking the same amount of weight. So if he loses three pounds, they'll make him drink three pounds of water, or eat three pounds of... I don't know, sweet corn, or whatever the hell they give to football players at football camp.

Fun! Not.

So basically, that means no annoying brother to kick me off of the computer. Which is kind of sad, because I should have been kicked off hours ago. But there's still so much to do!

Speaking of stuff to do, I added a list to the sidebar. It's a random list of things I want to do eventually. Whether it's in the distant future, or soon, or just whenever... it's completely random, but it's all stuff I want to accomplish or have done by the time I die.

I hope to add and add to that list, and then I hope to be able to get rid of the stuff I've done.

I really want to do a lot.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Braces and Romance article

I was doing a bit of research just now, and I found the most amazing article that is extremely helpful to me.

Braces and Romance.

See, I've had braces for a little over a year now, and I don't have plans to get them off anytime soon (although I am hoping that I'm past the halfway mark). And, since I'm in an extremely researchive (that's my word, lol) mood, I thought I'd research it.

And that article basically just saved my life.

I've only kissed one person in my entire life, and that was a couple months ago, and I had the braces on but it wasn't really a deep kiss, so it got me thinking about whether it would suck for guys to kiss me with my braces.

So... I'm going to sleep peacefully tonight. =D


Saturday, August 9, 2008

yay for fun-ness.

So my lovely friend Megan tagged me for this, and I love these things so much so here I go.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago would make me five going on six. At that point in time I was always playing with my childhood love, JJ, who conveniently lived right down the street from me.

What are five things on my to-do list today?
1. Write reviews. Oh, joy.
2. Take a look at the Seven Steps for Getting to Know Yourself.
3. Make a list of books for this thing I want to do.
4. Read Violet in Private.
5. Watch Project Runway

Snacks I enjoy:
Pizza Rolls.

Places I've lived:

Things I would do if I was a billionaire:

  • go to an expensive store in the mall and buy clothes... that AREN'T in the back of the store on clearance.
  • buy books.
  • travel.
  • buy a house for myself to live in for college.
  • and speaking of college, maybe GO to college.
  • donate. charities, maybe? but definitely a donation to go to my town library, to get a new building and to have a larger budget. and then I'll save the polar bears, or something.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Someday You Will Be Loved


This song is amazing. Usually songs are striking to me and I don't know why, but this one I know exactly why I love it so much... it's because I wish that my ex-boyfriend would sing it to me...

It's such a beautiful song, and it makes me sad and hopeful all at the same time. And there's also a video on YouTube that's quite fascinating...

Anyways, I thought I should share it somewhere...


Sunday, May 25, 2008

torn between two dogs

Chloe vs. Missy

On the left:

Name: Chloe

Breed: Dachshund + unknown

Approximate Age: 2-3 months

Likes: Playing with Missy, cuddling, going outside

Dislikes: Leashes, being in her kennel, getting scolded

Good traits: Doesn't run away, soft fur, lovable, doesn't bite

Bad traits: not potty-trained, whines in the middle of the night

And on the right:

Name: Missy

Breed: Dachshund

Approximate Age: 2.5 years

Likes: chew toys, running, eating her bones

Dislikes: not getting attention, going in her kennel

Good traits: Potty-trained, playful, cuddly

Bad traits: runs away, barks at nothing

My new puppy verses my old... and there is no winner! I love both my puppies equally, because where one lacks the other makes up for it! I just can't wait until the new puppy gets used to her box and is potty-trained!