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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving week

Work has really been getting to me lately. I don't have a problem with working a lot; in fact, I prefer it, because then I have an excuse to be lazy when I get home. I just have a problem with the way things have been going. The people I work with are getting on my nerves lately. Yesterday I ended up crying at work because my brother would not stop making fun of me. I realize he's just my brother, and it's his job to be a total ass, but it still bugs me that he wouldn't stop harassing me. Just picking on me doesn't bug me, but when he tells me how much I suck at something that I'm already insecure about, I can't help but feel shitty.

This week is going to be really busy. It's Thanksgiving, so that's one thing, but another thing is of course an abundance of work. Starting on Wednesday, I don't get a day off until next Tuesday. I may even be working on Thanksgiving. While this will make my next pay check amazingly large, it's still going to suck working so much. Work takes so much energy, I don't have time to do anything. I haven't finished a book in over a month, and I haven't read a book for entertainment in almost two.

I miss the simplicity of always having free time. I miss coming home and doing nothing, constantly. I could read, watch TV, and hang out whenever I wanted. Now, either I'm working at the school, McDonald's, or both. And when I'm not, I'm too tired or I have too much homework to do anything. I need to take a vacation.

Anyways, that's my little rant and rave for the night.